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Asian - Bengali - fun wedding with with silly strings

31st December 2012 Reel Life Photos
This was a lovely surprise, as have been photographing Asian weddings since 2003, so when they let fly with the silly strings at the groom's mehndi (henna pre-wedding family party) I couldn't stop clicking away, even though my lens was becoming rapidly festooned with silly strings! See a few more pics here: and then again when the bride and groom were...

Wedding at Jesmond Dene House, Reception at The Baltic Centre, Newcastle

29th December 2012 One Love
Have you ever had the chance to visit either the beautiful and stately “Jesmond Dene House” or even the modern, contemporary and even funky art gallery the “Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art”? No? Well may I strongly suggest that you take a leaf out of Eva and Nick’s book and pay them both a visit! I was lucky enough to be able to see both these amazing venues in...

Rainbow shines on beach wedding in December

21st December 2012 Reel Life Photos
Its always a gamble getting good pics at a Winter wedding, but for this lucky couple, Suzanne and Jason, it really paid off, as in a short lull in the rain, this rainbow appeared, and they were game to run outside just in time to capture this surprise natural blessing on their wedding. The rest of their day was spent in a lovely beachside bar in Scarborough called Blue Crush, and a secret gem of a...

International Wedding Photographer Award

21st December 2012 Reel Life Photos
Was thrilled to discover that I won FIRST prize - great accolade and $1,000 - in the Professional Wedding Photographers Network Excellence Awards for 5 images from a recent Hindu wedding. In common with many other cultural weddings I have been lucky enough to photograph, its hard work with their many days ceremonies, but I just love it! You can see all the winning pics here: I...

Indian wedding with panoramic photo shoots

3rd December 2012 The Event Guru
Having a few panoramic wedding photos during can enhance the impression and show more details. The Event Guru always try to cover a few panoramic wedding photos to give a true overview of the venue and people attending. Here is one photo from a recent Indian wedding outside London.

Fun in the snow !

1st December 2012 Glasgow Wedding Photographer
Its winter again, and the snow looks to be just around corner ! Thankfully Glasgow is it sea level, so snow disruption is not as great as in other parts of the country. Popular venues in the North get tricky, especially when a typical dumping of Scottish snow can happen in just a few hours. Enough snow to get stuck at a venue, and not being able to get home to prepare for tomorrows wedding. This...