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Rob and Victoria's Beautiful Wedding at Ardanaiseig Hotel

29th February 2012 Voyteck Photography Rob and Victoria's Beautiful Wedding at Ardanaiseig Hotel
Here is a little preview of my latest wedding at the beautiful Ardanaiseig Hotel One of the most amazing venues I have seen so far! If you are still looking for your perfect photographer please have a look at my website, and feel free to contact me to arrange a non obligatory meeting to view my sample album and discuss your needs! Voyteck...

It's all about you

1st February 2012 Akira Photography It's all about you
I recently read an article about how you choose your wedding photographer. It was great and I agreed with most of the things they suggested. I look at it this way, I think when I buy something I want it to be the best value for my money depending on what I want to buy that is and of course timing. When you buy something cheap you often end up having to go back and exchange it or worse go buy it...
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